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About Us

Welten Holdings Ltd trading as Kiatronics is a family owned, electronic design and manufacturing & importing company that has been operating in Tauranga, New Zealand since 2001. 

Since our company began, a large section of our business has been the development and supply of the SENSOMAT range and associated products for use in the care of those living with dementia. A significant number of New Zealand and Australian rest homes and hospitals have benefited from their use for 17 years now. From our initial standard SENSOMAT floor alarm mat product we have progressively added to our range with heavier duty floor mats, in bed alarms, chair pad alarms, nurse call pendants and also of alarm air switch products for those who have limited hand movement or dexterity. We have a newer range of enuresis sensor products also. To enable our products to be used in as many aged care facilities as possible we have produced the SENSOMAT range of adaptor leads to integrate with a multitude of different nurse call systems. Wireless options are also available to assist family who are caring for loved ones in their own homes and wish to use our mats and sensors also.  All of these products are available for purchase on this website.

Over the years we have worked on a number of electronic projects and products both for ourselves and other companies. Along with SENSOMAT, Kiatronics has evolved over time to focus on three other key product areas:

EVERLINK: The Everlink range of advanced fuel and fluid management systems complete with our dedicated Everlink cloud based software is used throughout New Zealand by KiwiRail, GoBus, Civil Contractors, Farming & Horticultural Enterprises, Transport Firms & Heavy Machinery users. See our Everlink website for more information on the systems and pictures of our latest projects.

EVERCALL: Our Evercall range of emergency call system products for individual dwellings and facility buildings are installed extensively in retirement villages and lifestyle communities throughout New Zealand. These products have been designed to integrate with the American Inovonics range of Emergency Call Products which we are also a distributor for. Contact us for more information on EvercallAnd our range of Inovonics in stock is available to purchase here.

KIALIFT: We have manufactured our Kialift elevator control systems for New Zealand and Australian domestic and commercial elevator companies since 2003. Specifically designed to be easy and low cost to install, they are also compliant with NZ/AS standards. Contact us for more information on Kialift controls.

For more information on the separate divisions of Kiatronics please see our company website at