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Sensomat Standard Wireless Kit
  • Sensomat Standard Wireless Kit

Sensomat Standard Floor Mat (SW3) Wireless Kit - Code: 70209

Sensomat Standard Wireless Kit Includes:

Sensomat Standard (720mm x 560mm) - code: 70000
Sensotrol Wireless 3000 (SW3) - code: 70059

The wireless nature of this kit enables the Sensotrol product to be used in a domestic environment without the need for a wired in nurse call system.

This kit consists of the Sensomat floor pad, a portable receiver and a transmitter. The latter two are both battery operated (batteries included). The Sensomat is a vinyl sensor pad that is placed on the floor beside the patient's bed. It may be covered by a floor mat or rug if you wish. The lead on the Sensomat is plugged into the battery operated transmitter. The transmitter can then be tucked away under the bed out of sight. The call bell will be activated and heard at the receiver unit if the patient steps out of bed onto the pad. As the receiver unit is small and portable it may be taken elsewhere in the home wherever the caregiver is located. When activated, the receiver also displays a small LED light which is useful if the carer is hearing impaired. The call bell sound can be adjusted to other tune options. The Sensomat pad is water resistant only and is not reccommended for use with incontinent patients.

The use of this kit may mean that the patient can be cared for in their own home environment instead of a rest home situation. This kit is especially useful when caring for aged family members living with dementia.

Sensomat Standard Wireless Kit
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